Kindness: Going Above & Beyond

…contributing to the needs of God’s people, pursuing [the practice of] hospitality. Romans 12:13 AMP

“What have we become?” That’s a line and popular song title from DC Talk, a Christian pop group. It sings of human stories that mirror the selfishness of present day society, a society wherein you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that isn’t primarily looking out for number one. It goes on to challenge Christians to be what we are called to be…to be that ONE that is righteous, to be that ONE that is holy and to be that ONE going about doing the will of our Father in heaven. In other words—not being selfish but being kind.


The other day, I was really touched reading about a woman who went above and beyond to be kind (2Kings 4).  See, back in the day, prophets used to walk from town to town sharing the word of God and often were housed by families in those towns.  One day, there was a woman that saw Elisha, a prophet of God, and LOOKED FOR an opportunity to do good for him! So she spoke it over with her husband and they ended up extending a room and food to him. Wow! I mean come on let’s be real … many of us might be kind for someone right in front of us and someone we know … but to LOOK to do good for someone? And for someone we’re not familiar with? That’s a stretch! But this woman sensed a need and went above and beyond to meet it.

Now, this isn’t to make anyone to feel bad…just something to think about to challenge your faith and take it to another level…but how many of us go the extra mile and LOOK for ways to serve and help? I know we have to be cautious and all that jazz in today’s society, but let’s not let that be an excuse to not help anyone! Right?! So, let me tell you the rest of the story…BECAUSE she went above and beyond, through Elisha, God rewarded this woman above and beyond—blessing her with the son she so desperately wanted and hadn’t been unable to have AND later when the son suddenly died, assuaged her grief by raising him from the dead to live again. What an awesome blessing, right? But what a great thing she did!  We can be like her and not that we are working to be kind to just get the rewards but God WILL meet the needs and desires of your heart when YOU unselfishly meet the needs and desires of others. #BeKind

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