Stepping into the Light

…God is light, and in him is no darkness at all John 1:5

Have you ever been in a dark room? You think you remember where the light is or maybe you’re just feeling for it….you stumble, you bump into things and maybe you even fall. Hopefully you find the light or maybe someone will turn it on for you and then everything becomes clear! You move the things that you stumbled, bumped and fell over so you’ll never do that again and others won’t either.

I know what it’s like to be in a dark room…like, I had a lot of rules growing up….how to eat proper, act right, dress appropriately and talk correctly—don’t do this, but DO do that. I was under constant scrutiny and criticism most of the time. Talk about pressure and stress. I do understand that there’s definitely a time and place for all that ((places I don’t really want to be and I rebel against being every chance I get)) but back then it just made me a really uptight adult who didn’t know how to walk free of all those social restraints and just be me. There’s something freeing about just being yourself and free, you know? When I did finally come out from all the bondage of those social restraints, it was like I was stepping out of the darkness into the light. At that moment, I understood why the criminal feels so good, even in light of the repercussions, when they admit their crime.  It’s such a heavy burden to carry the weight of being something that you’re not and it’s such a *insert heavenly ahh’s here* moment to just show and be the real you.

Now I am certainly no finished product–not even close.  But I do have an acute awareness of my human frailty and fallen state and I have a willingness to be worked on. And thankfully that is all God requires to start going to work and break those chains one by one on me.  Furthermore, I find that the more I walk in His Light…reading His Word, praying, and most importantly DOING His Word…the more of the darkness, that life sometimes projects and leaves us in, is illuminated and starts falling away.  Are you feeling burdened down by something that is not you? Secrets? Sins? The weight of burdens that others have put on you in your life? Don’t stay in the darkness where inevitable injury will prevail.  Step out of the darkness and into the light where God’s love is and there is much help available. Love you with the love of the Lord!

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