We lived, We loved, and We grew

As the new year approaches, I look back on a year of joy and happiness. Yes it had it’s challenges but much more it had it’s triumphs. And once again God faithfully orchestrated the triumphs to overshadow the challenges.  And we lived…and we loved…and we grew.
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????My lovely & ever compassionate youngest daughter continued to excel in her studies (so smart that one). And even though she’s still a teen (in all their annoying drama) I see a balanced young woman of God emerging. And then there’s my beautiful & fiercely loyal oldest daughter who married a wonderful man, who displays such strength of character.  I saw him on his knees praying one morning and at that moment I saw a prayer answered, my children were marrying people whose builder and keeper was God. And then there’s me stepping out into new territory to write, trying different artistic disciplines, and basically cultivating the talents God has given me. And so we lived…and so we loved…and so we grew.

My New Year’s resolution may sound cliche but it’s to be more of that person that God wants me to be.  To pray more, to walk like Jesus more, to love Him more…it’s a never-ending, always repeating goal until we see Him. And if we, as Sisters and Brothers in Christ, share this goal then I know along the way we will live (really live), we will love (really love), and we will grow to such unimaginable heights in Christ Jesus.

I pray each and every one of you receive over and abundant anything you can ever ask or think according to the power of God that works within you! Happy New Year, Family!

Life’s imperfections

Give thanks always for all things to God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Ephesians 5:20

I’ve been feeling a little down lately cause I don’t have the PERFECT life. From my weight, my job, my family, my finances to unfulfilled desires, regret and, yes, even loneliness—I seem to have developed a growing laundry list of imperfections to whine about. Now I would chew off my big toe before I admit this ((drops voice & whispers)) but my oldest daughter said something to me the other day that rang so true…I’ve been looking at the glass half empty instead of half full. In my words, I’ve been magnifying my disappointments and not seeing the blessing in them.imperfections

So like, fast forward to today—-sad but SO true, there’s nothing like a brush with death to make you appreciate what is really important in life. Now, anyone that has ever rode shotgun with me knows that I am not for the weak at heart—not reckless just aggressive (and it doesn’t help that I used to race bikes back in the day so there’s a little speed built into my soul). So here I was sitting at the light with my foot on the pedal ready to go when the light turned green. Still though, even after the light turns green, I look both ways cautious for drivers that think red means 5 more cars can go thru…no one was around so I prepared to descend my foot on the gas when a car came out of nowhere—barreling thru and LITERALLY coming millimeters from crashing into me. Talk about a CLOSE call! As I drove to my imperfections1destination, all I could do was cry happy tears and thank God for what I DO have, ask Him to forgive me for not appreciating the blessings and MOSTLY for not appreciating the opportunities to grow through the difficulties of life.

When you feel down, you may find it difficult to give thanks. Like me you might fall into a “poor me” conversation with yourself and others. But take heart—in all things God works for our good if we love him and are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28). Thank God, not just for your problems but for the strength he is building in you through the difficult experiences of your life. You can be sure that God’s perfect love will see you through life’s imperfections.